Q-Step stories

Quantitative Skills Teaching and Learning Symposium - Beyond ‘don’t want to teach, don’t want to learn’

On 25 June 2018 we jointly hosted a symposium at the British Academy, London.  Featuring expertise drawn from Q-Step Centres and Affiliates, the symposium shed light on:

  • Tackling poor numeracy levels in the UK

  • Engaging and motivating students to learn quantitative skills

  • Delivering effective quantitative training

  • The positive impact of placements/internships on student confidence and employability


Q-Step Alumni Network Planning Workshop 

On 26 March 2018 we ran a workshop at University of Glasgow where a number of Q-Step students and graduates joined us to explore the potential for creating an Alumni network.  We produced a summary report outlining the main points arising and encapsulating some possible ways forward.  


Assessing numerical ability: Our work with National Numeracy

Many students beginning Q-Step degrees and modules are nervous about their numerical abilities and want to know more about 'where they are now' and how they might improve. In light of this, we have been working with National Numeracy and our Q-Step Centres to investigate ways to benchmark students' numerical abilities and facilitate their progression.

National Numeracy is an independent charity working to help raise low levels of numeracy and to promote the importance of everyday maths skills. One of National Numeracy's most useful resources is a free web-based tool – Challenge Check-Up– that provides a confidential assessment of the user’s everyday maths skills and identifies the areas that need working on. We are investigating how best this might be used in a higher education context to support students to develop their numerical skills. 



Q-Step student’s research presented at Parliament

Fiona Powell, a student from the Q-Step programme at University of Leeds presented her research as part of the prestigious Posters in Parliament (PiP) event run by the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR)

Fiona’s research project, Caring for the future: Investigating trends in housing wealth over time as a key driver of social care funding, was featured in the event which showcases the best undergraduate research from universities across the UK.

Fiona’s work investigates trends in housing wealth in order to inform the planning of long term adult social care demand. It is robust research which is having a real and significant social impact. 


Channel 4 - UK's Best Place to Live

Sheffield's Q-Step Coordinator, Dr Alasdair Rae, features on Channel 4's UK's Best Place to Live.

Q-Step Wiki

Check out the Q-Step Wiki which has been designed to facilitate knowledge exchange among staff and students at the 18 Q-Step Centres/Affiliates. If you have any questions please e-mail the Q-Step Wiki administrator (qstepwiki@ed.ac.uk). 

University of Sheffield's Free Online Course - Making Sense of Data in the Media

Learn how to make sense of social statistics and economic data with this introductory course on quantitative social science from the Univeristy of Sheffield. 

The University of Edinburgh Q-Step Centre launches series of promotional videos 

These four fantastic Q-Step videos describe the Centre itself and the range of new Q-Step degrees (nestled in their 'video' section).

Meet Students from the MMU Q-Step Centre 

Watch videos featuring MMU Q-Step 3rd Year students discuss their experiences of undertaking a quantitative dissertation of 'real world' research with two organisations across Greater Manchester and how being a Q-Step Data Buddy has helped one student think about his future career.

MMU Q-Step Centre 'Q-Step in the Community'

MMU Q-Step staff and participating Q-Step students and host organisations recently came together on 24th March to celebrate the success of the student's research placements

Rhys Jones has published an article about Cardiff's ESRC Festival of Social Science Event - Why Quantitative Methods? 

Rhys Jones is a Lecturer in Quantitative Methods FE at the Cardiff Q-Step Centre

Cardiff Q-Step Centre launch their new Level 3 Pilot Scheme in Social Analytics - 24 September 2014

More than 50 students, parents and teachers attended the launch and here, Mr Rhys Jones, the project lead for the Level 3 Social Analytics and Q-Step Lecturer in Quantitative Methods FE, provides feedback on how the launch event went.

The University of Sheffield launches new Sheffield Methods Institute (SMI) - 18th September 2014 

The SMI hosts the Sheffield Q-Step Centre, and is a newly formed, interdisciplinary institute that delivers high quality training and research related to qualitative and quantitative methods within Social Sciences. Here, we publish Sheffield's own press release along with photo's from the event.

Cardiff Q-Step Centre to develop a new and exciting level 3 qualification in Social Analytics

This new course will encompass learning outcomes of statistical thinking and analysis to explain various social phenomena such as, for example, health inequalities, differential educational attainment and achievement and the role of science and technology in society. Rhys Jones, Lecturer in Quantitative Methods FE in the Cardiff Q-Step Centre, explains more about the initiative.

University of Edinburgh Q-Step Centre - Summer School 2014

The University of Edinburgh Q-Step Centre team recently hosted a week long residential summer school for 50 teenagers interested in finding out more about the application of maths and statistics in the social sciences. This was held in collaboration with the charity Headstart.  Dr Alison Koslowski, the Edinburgh Q-Step Coordinator, explains more about the initiative.

Manchester Metropolitan University Q-Step Centre: Q-Step in the Community

Twelve Greater Manchester organisations have partnered with the MMU Q-Step Centre in an initiative that will see 32 MMU students conduct Quantitative Methods for a set period. Dr Julie Scott Jones, the MMU Q-Step Coordinator, explains more about the initiative.