Q-Step careers

Quantitative skills are highly desired by employees across all sectors and the skills you'll learn during your Q-Step degree will equip you for a range of well-paid careers.

What you could do with a Q-Step degree

Quantitative skills are interdisciplinary and transferable. For example, with a Q-Step degree you could:

  • Pursue a career as a policy advisor or analyst in the public sector, in business or for a charity.
  • Work in market research for a professional services company, local government or a trade union.
  • Become an investigative or data journalist, an economist or statistician.
  • Undertake postgraduate study and become a researcher in your specialist area in a university, think tank, or the civil service.
  • Apply your skills in many different industries and services, such as healthcare, finance or education. 
Student feedback

"The AQM pathway allows you to start a different conversation with employers – one about politics as an exciting, forward-thinking and datadriven degree. As a student competing to get a job at a top agency, AQM has helped me stand out from other applicants. On my placement at Colchester Borough Council, I worked with huge datasets, learned a new programming language, and made an end product that I was proud of. The placement has helped me make decisions about what I want to do in life."

James Potter, BA Politics, University of Essex

(since completing his degree, James has secured a job as a Marketing Executive for customer acquisition company, MVF Global)