Project hosts

If you have signed up to host a student, this webpage will provide you with a general overview of what to do and what to expect. 

 Students with supervisor

Create an account on the online system

The online system will hold all information regarding your organisation contact details and the placement details. Please speak with your Regional Coordinator about how to upload information onto the system if you have not done this already. The Coordinator can assist you with this if required and provide you with guidance documents for using the online system.

Think of your placement

Placement information will be inputted onto the online system. You will need to know the broad topic for the placement and at some stage you will need to finalise the placement title and description. The more specific you can be about what the placement will entail the better, as Coordiantors will use this information to try and match the relevant student. 

Student matching 

Your Coordinator will send you potential students for your placement via the online system. You will have the opportunity to select students based on their personal statement. Some providers may wish to interview a selection of students but this is not a requirement. 


All placements will need a risk assessment which can be uploaded onto the online system. The organisation lead contact will also need to ensure that a data processing form is signed and uploaded. Your Regional Coordinator will provide you with further information regarding this. 

Preparing for placement

The below checklist is a good starting point to ensure that you are ready for the placement:

  • Make sure that the following documents are uploaded onto the online system: health and safety/risk assessment and insurance (associated with the project) and data processing agreement (at the organisational level). It is ok to complete the risk assessment in the first week of the project. 
  • Ensure that the project will involve proper research with achievable goals. You should provide guidance and support for the student throughout the placement, but allow them to use their initiative and work independently. You will need to factor in any time needed to train the student to use any statistical programme or research methodologies that will be a part of the project.
  • Put together a brief document/video which explains what the goals of the project are and how this relates to a wider context/real life setting. Consider providing some background reading for the student and explaining the basics: where they will work, working hours, types of clothes they should wear etc. You may wish to communicate some/all of this before the placement starts.
  • Arrange an induction for the student, within their first week, to show them around the department, introducing them to staff and briefing them on health and safety.
  • Introduce the student to someone else in the building that they can approach if you are going away, or in the event that you are unwell.
  • Students are expected to write a report and produce a poster at the end of the project. You should be familiar with the requirements and you may wish to supervise this work (although the student is responsible for creating these documents).
  • If you have an opportunity to take any photographs whilst the student is on their placement, email them to, or tweet them using #nuffieldsummer.

Finally, thank you for your supervision and time, Nuffield Research Placements could not happen without you! 

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