Project expectations

Nuffield Research Placements are very different from work experience placements. So, what can you expect if you take on a Nuffield project?

Nuffield Research Placements are authentic, hands-on research projects, where you will be contributing to the work of your host organisation. You'll have a defined project, and be well supervised, but you will also be expected to work independently and use your own initiative.

We offer projects across all types of science, technology, engineering and maths, and the more open-minded you can be about what you will take on, the more likely we are going to be able to find a placement that suits you. If you are too specific about what you want to do - for example, you only want to work on a project about sea turtles - it is harder for us to find you a relevant project. Nuffield Research Placements are about skills development as much as subject development - the idea is to learn as much about research skills as you do about the topic you are working on. Projects are reliant on researchers giving up their time, so they want to see enthusiastic students coming in every day!

Have a look at what some of our previous students have done. Remember, these students learnt all of their project work during their placements - you don't need to known about your project are in detail in advance.

Your Nuffield placement will be within your region so that you should be able to travel there every day. On occasion, it might be necessary to travel a little further. However, if you are setting up your own placement, it's important to understand that we can only fund travel costs within your home region.

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