Physics, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental science

Roxanne El-Hady studied rapid climate change at Royal Holloway, University of London

Jennifer Young studied gamma radiation at the Dalton Cumbrian Facility on her placement

Alice Cheng studied astrophysics at Manchester Metropolitan University over the summer

Megan Jack studied the chemistry of ink production at GR Advanced Materials.

Rachel Ayers worked on a Citizen Science project at the John Innes Centre, Norwich.

Mykel Clarke spent her summer at The Medway School of Pharmacy.

Manveer Jutla completed his Nuffield research project at Keele University.

Freya Willens completed her project at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, looking at exoplanetary atmosphere.


Kimberly Meechan spent four weeks with Biotrack Ltd studying the design of geolocators used to track bird migration.

Emily O'Regan worked at Washington Wetlands Park looking at flamingo behaviour. She was named UK Young Scientist of the Year 2013.

Jemma Goldstein spent her summer at the University of Hertfordshire focusing on Variable Stars. 

Thomas Myers studied a release of data containing thousands of fairly low-resolution pictures of the sky, to find systems called gravitational lenses.

Na’im Anis Peyman spent four weeks working with Dr John Morton in the Department of Materials at the University of Oxford.  The project was entitled ‘Building Devices’.

Hannah Blyth

Hannah Blyth discovered new asteroids whilst working at at the Faulkes Telescope Project.

Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Martin spent her summer working at Northern Ireland Water Laboratories.

Tara Tosic

Tara Tosic looked at massive stars at the Armagh Observatory.

Rory McCaughan

Rory McCaughan worked at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute looking at soil analysis.

Sam Hillman

Sam Hillman's placement was at the National Physical Laboratory, and his project on nanoSQUIDS won him a trip to Texas.

Laura Doherty

Laura Doherty spent her summer at Bristol Myers Squibb in Merseyside working on different methods for testing the solubility of tablets.  She exhibited her work at the Big Bang Fair.

Jessica Wynn

Jessica Wynn worked for North Herts Council looking at air pollution in her region.  She won the top prize in the Science & Maths category at the Big Bang Fair in March 2011.

Fiona Porter

Fiona Porter worked at GlaxoSmithKline in Summer 2010 and was awarded the London International Youth Science Forum Prize at the Big Bang Fair.

Stephanie Tudgey

Stephanie Tudgey spent 4 weeks working at Qinetiq identifying macro moths.  She was awarded the I-SWEEEP prize to go to an international science fair in Houston, Texas, where she won a Silver Medal.

Tim Smith

Tim Smith worked with RCUK Academic Fellow Dr Simon Henley at the University of Surrey on nanoparticles.

Carol Moorehead

Carol Moorehead worked with the RSPB in Northern Ireland looking at the effect of boat users on the marine environment of two Areas of Special Scientific Interest.

Fiona Claxton

Fiona Claxton from Nottinghamshire worked with the British Geological Survey in Keyworth.

Robin Kerrison

Robin Kerrison from Newcastle worked on soil analysis in the famous Williamson's Tunnels.

Tom Hearing

Tom Hearing's project saw him working at the Jurassic World Heritage Site in Dorset.

Courtney Williams was based at the University of Sheffield. Her project was about acoustic cosmic rays. 

Lisa Howell's research placement took her to Royal Holloway, University of London where she researched Konic horses. Lisa documented her work in short films.