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By Nuffield Foundation

Over the last 10 years, the Nuffield Foundation website has received more than 57 million visits from more than 16 million users.

In 2017, our new strategy set out ambitious goals to grow the Foundation’s scale and influence. As a result, we refreshed our brand identity to be better aligned with our strategic goals and to pave the way for a more engaging and accessible digital presence.

Following this, we embarked on a website redevelopment project in 2019 with ambitions to:

  • Raise the online profile of the Foundation among its audiences.
  • Increase awareness about our funding opportunities and provide a more accessible path to application.
  • Grow the impact of the research we fund.
  • Present our work in a more visually engaging and accessible format.

An important part of the project has been consultation with our stakeholders, to ensure that the needs of our audiences are at the forefront of our website design and development.  

We launched our new website on 16 December 2019.


What’s new?

  • Fully responsive, mobile-first design that works across all devices.
  • Digital application of our new brand identity.
  • Improved navigation and sophisticated search functionality so users can find and browse content more easily.
  • Eligibility tools for both research funding and Nuffield Research Placement applicants.
  • A new impact section to tell a richer story about the impact of our work on society.

This month, we are pleased to launch some additional tools to help users stay up to date with their selected projects and areas of interest.

You can now:

  • Create an account to save favourite projects and search queries.
  • Turn on email alerts to be notified when a saved project or search result is updated.

How to use the new features

  • Create an account

    To create an account, click the star icon in the navigation bar to next to the search icon, and follow the prompts.

    To save a project or search result, navigate to a project page or search result, click the star icon and follow the prompts. You can opt to receive handy email alerts when a project or search result is updated.

    You can log in, view your favourite projects and searches and manage alerts at any time by clicking on the star icon in the navigation bar.

    Log in or create an account

Your feedback is important

In the coming months we will be gathering user insights and feedback and adjusting the site accordingly.

We encourage you to provide feedback using the yellow widget that sits at the bottom left of the screen or by submitting our contact form.

By Nuffield Foundation

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We improve people’s lives by funding research that informs social policy, primarily in EducationWelfare and Justice. We also fund student programmes that give young people skills and confidence in science and research.

We offer our grant-holders the freedom to frame questions and enable new thinking. Our research must stand up to rigorous academic scrutiny, but we understand that to be successful in effecting change, it also needs to be relevant to people’s experience.


COVID-19 response

Nuffield-funded social scientists are conducting COVID-19 research in real-time, to capture people’s experiences of the social, cultural and economic impacts of the pandemic.