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Annual Report and Financial Statements 2017

By Nuffield Foundation

We have published the Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2017. In addition to presenting our accounts for the year, the report details our main grant-making activities and reflects on the impact of grants made during previous years.

In 2017:

  • Our charitable expenditure was £14.6m. The chart below shows how this expenditure is split across our different areas of work.

  • We made grants totalling £10.3 million for research, development and analysis projects in Education, Welfare, Justice, and for projects that cut across these domains. We funded 54 new projects, and awarded additional funding to nine projects already underway.
  • We were managing 169 research, development and analysis projects, with a total value of £27.9m. Most of the projects we fund are undertaken over a period of several years, so at any one time, we are managing more than just those awarded in the reporting year.
  • 1,138 students in the first year of post-16 study undertook a Nuffield Research Placement. We increased the proportion of participating students from lower income households to 57% (compared to 50% in 2016), and 53% will be the first in their family to go to university (compared to 49% in 2016).
  • 1,231 undergraduate students enrolled on 68 different Q-Step degree programmes, an increase on 694 in 2016. And 8,527 students were taking at least one of 193 Q-Step modules, up from 7,994 in 2016.
  • The Nuffield Council on Bioethics reported on its inquiries in non-invasive prenatal testing and cosmetic procedures.

In the report Tim Gardam, our Chief Executive writes:

“In 2017, we published a new five-year strategy. It sets out how we have revisited our original objectives of 75 years ago and re-focused them to meet the challenges presented by the rapid social, demographic, technological and economic changes in UK society. This report sets out some of the early progress we have made, and gives an overview of our future plans.”

David Rhind, outgoing Chair of the Nuffield Foundation writes:

“We have ambitious plans for the next five years, which will lead to us increasing our level of expenditure over the period to 2023. These plans are set out in our new strategy, which we published in June 2017. Core commitments include the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory, the Ada Lovelace Institute, and a new Strategic Fund, for which we will make a call for proposals in 2019.

“On a personal note, 2017 was my last full year as Chair of the Foundation as I will retire from the Board in October 2018 and hand over to our Chair-elect Professor Sir Keith Burnett. We are delighted to have him on board.”

Download the Annual Report and Financial Statements 2017 (PDF)

By Nuffield Foundation

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We improve people’s lives by funding research that informs social policy, primarily in EducationWelfare and Justice. We also fund student programmes that give young people skills and confidence in science and research.

We offer our grant-holders the freedom to frame questions and enable new thinking. Our research must stand up to rigorous academic scrutiny, but we understand that to be successful in effecting change, it also needs to be relevant to people’s experience.