Karishma Jaycee's bursary placement

Karishma Jaycee from St Pauls Roman Catholic School in Leicester took a 4 week placement at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. The title of her project was Quality Assurance for Computed Radiography.

The aims of the project
The aim was to determine whether computed radiography can be used in place of the film system for quality assurance tests. As well as this a test object was to be designed in order to test for scaling errors, blurring, limiting spatial resolution and laser beam function on the computed radiography system.

How the project was carried out
Several investigations were carried out on different x-ray units using the star test pattern to determine the focal spot size using two techniques; the film and computed radiography. As well as this further tests were carried out in order to see whether the reader/digitizer of the computed radiography system needed calibrating.

The conclusions reached at the end of the project
Once all tests had been carried out, the results revealed that computed radiograph can be used in place of film for routine quality assurance tests and the extended tests were accurate enough to be used in the future to compare the results of annual quality assurance tests. Although the test object is still under the manufacturing process, all objects that are going to be used were appropriately chosen and can therefore by used to test four variables effectively for the quality assurance tests.

The most valuable thing about the bursary experience
Overall the project was a fantastic experience, not only is my knowledge of physics greater, but I also have come away with a greater view of the career availabilities in the side of medical physics and that it’s not as daunting as it seems! I will now feel more confident in the future when having to do a project and can use these skills at university.