James North

How did you get involved in the Nuffield Research Placements Programme and why did you want to take part in the programme?

My school was able to nominate 3 candidates for the available placements in our area and my teacher suggested I applied.

What were the aims of your project, and how did you go about achieving these?

To explore the innate immune response, in patients with HIV, to bacterial infection.  I used various open source software packages to analyse data collected by the lab team at the .

What did you learn most from your placement experience?

It made me realise the dedication and commitment needed in scientific research.  The numbers of hours and work the team put in in order to collect samples e.g. to stain, plate, count and analyse the data was mind-blowing.

What was it like exhibiting at the Big Bang?  How does it feel to have won the top prize in the Science & Maths category?

The Big Bang Fair was an absolutely incredible experience.  I met like-minded young scientists to share our passions for very different fields of work.

Winning the Society of Biology prize was really unexpected.  I was completely shocked when they called my name but i was also very honoured. The prize has opened many doors for me and more lab experience which I can't wait for. I can't recommend exhibiting at the fair strongly enough to Nuffield Research Placement recipients.