Finances of ageing projects

We are interested in aspects of finance, economics, and transfers related to individual and population ageing. This includes:

  • work and retirement at older ages
  • public and private pensions
  • financial planning for later life
  • the finances of social care (though we do not generally fund descriptive studies of service delivery of social care)
  • inter-generational transfers, whether between individuals or via public policy 

We are interested in work that examines the level and distribution of resources and outcomes, both across and within groups. 

We are also interested in work that examines the effects of policy changes or implementation, such as changing pension policy, changing policies on the finances of social care or other policies related to inter-generational transfers.  

Details of individual projects in each of these areas, including their outputs where available, can be found by clicking on the relevant link in the Our work in this area section of this page.

Full details about the priorities and criteria for funding can be found in the apply for funding section.