Examples of scientific research posters

These project displays were used by Nuffield Research Placement students at the BA CREST Science Fair which was held at the Royal Society in February 2007.

Varsha poster


Poster dispay by Varsha Kadaba from Howell's School Wales whose project was titled 'The Use of Digital Imaging in the Early Diagnosis of Glaucoma'.

Anna Ressel


Poster used by Anna Ressel frrom Cardinal Newman College. Her project was titled 'Absorption of ions: investigation into the removal of chromium ions from water'

Hannah Brandon


Display used by Hannah Brandon from West Kirby Grammar School. Her project was titled 'Characterization of Salmonella Typhimurium strains from UK Greenfinches'.

Holly Batchelor


Poster display used by Holly Batchelor, whose project was titled 'Cosmic Rain: investigating particles from Space'.

Sarah Wilkinson


Display used by Sarah Wilkinson from Altrincham Grammar School for Girls. Her project was titled 'Motorised Wheelchair with a laser guidance system for doorways'.

Shiraz Ziya


Poster display by Shiraz Ziya from Birkenhead School whose project was titled 'Fresher laundry makes scents: the changing composition of a perfume'.