Engineering, Maths and Computing

William Dash created computer simulations using Master Differential Equations over the summer at Plymouth University

Aleksandra Pac investigated the missing Malaysian airplane MH370 at Plymouth University

Simon Choi carried out a research placement at Transport for London

Omaya Ala Eldine worked on a civil engineering project at Volk's Electric Railway in Brighton

Kai Diep spent her summer developing computer hardware at the Open University

Andrew Kelly spent the summer working on the mathematical modelling of biological systems

Abigail Stear investigated various control strategies for the reduction of nematode population in ruminants using a mathematical model

Helen Sheehan  investigated the properties of parts built from a new steel, SHS 7574 Nanosteel, that were built by a process called Selective Laser Melting

Bethany Evans researched four-dimensional genetic shapes to see whether their corresponding graphs belonged to a set of lgraphs

Rachel Caines

Rachel Caines worked on a biomedical engineering project at the University of Ulster in Summer 2011

Matthew Mead

Matthew Mead spent his summer working on gas turbine engines at Cranfield University

Kutwing Loo's placement took him to the University of Swansea. His project aimed to develop a supersonic car as fast as 1000 mph

Heather Reynolds worked at the University of Manchester. For her project she measured the similarity between dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI images

David Oppenheimer spent 5 weeks at CEH Wallingford and Wallingford Hydrosolutions;where he compared the contrast of daily and sub-daily hydrological data