We are looking for employers to provide work placements for Q-Step undergraduates to apply their data analysis skills in the workplace. These placements bring additional skills and expertise to your organisation at little or no extra cost.

What is a Q-Step work placement?

Work placements are provided by employers working in partnership with one of our Q-Step Centres/Affiliates (based at universities throughout the UK). Placements are usually one day a week towards the end of the second year of study, or full-time over 4-8 weeks during the summer.

Students will be studying a social science degree and will have received training in quantitative research methodology. During the placement, they will work on a project (agreed with you in advance) that has a significant data analysis component.

Benefits to your organisation:
  • By giving students the opportunity to see for themselves how quantitative analysis is used professionally, you will provide them with an invaluable experience. 
  • Students will be able to put theory acquired on their degree courses into practice, and their experience will inform their career choices, which might include working for your company. 
  • Mentoring a Q-Step student could be a development opportunity for your staff – enabling them to develop their management skills. 
  • Providing a placement will also enable your organisation to strengthen its links with the higher education sector, and could feed into your corporate social responsibility policy. 
Employer feedback

"Working with Q-Step has given us access to strong students with good quantitative skills, who want to put these skills in practice. The Q-Step placement scheme is an excellent way that we can work together with social science students at the University of Leeds to undertake joint projects on important issues for the Yorkshire region.

Mark Goldstone, Head of Business Representation and Policy, West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

For more information on hosting a Q-Step work placements, please see our FAQ for host employers.

How can I offer a Q-Step work placement?

If you are interested in offering a work placement, or have any other questions about placements, then please contact the Q-Step team (Q-Stepteam@nuffieldfoundation.org), who will be able to put you in touch with the most appropriate Q-Step Centre/Affiliate.