David Bendell

"It has been a real privilege acting as a student ambassador for the Nuffield Science Bursary scheme. Helping to promote the amazing opportunities the scheme provides for students, to both educationalists and health professionals has been an exciting, rewarding and immensely valuable experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time."

January 2005
David applied for a medically related Nuffield Science Bursary, and was offered a placement at the Kent and Sussex Hospital, Tunbridge Wells. He had to come up with a project title ('A Study into the Possibility of Bacterial Cross Contamination in Food and Drink Distribution') and from that moment onwards he had secured a placement!

Summer 2005

David’s bursary took place. Originally the placement was for four weeks, but it was expanded to five weeks.

December 2005
David was invited to speak at the South East of England regional celebration event for Nuffield Science Bursary and CREST students. He was awarded a Gold CREST award and a certificate for completion of a Nuffield Science Bursary project.

Dave then self-nominated himself for the BA CREST Science Fair 2006.

January 2006
David received a congratulations letter from the British Association for the Advancement of Science that he had been accepted to take part in the BA CREST Science Fair 2006.

February 2006
At the BA CREST Science Fair 2006 David won an all expenses paid prize to represent the United Kingdom at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (two other students also won this prize).

September 2006
David flew out of Heathrow with the two other winners of the EU Contest for Young Scientists Prize to Stockholm in Sweden, to represent the United Kingdom at the 5 day Contest. The Contest gives students the opportunity to compete at European level with other prize winners from national competitions from across Europe and beyond. At the contest he met individuals with similar abilities and interests as his own, as well as meeting some of the most prominent scientists in Europe. Altogether 121 contestants from 33 different countries took part in this Contest.

December 2006
David was invited to speak at the South East of England regional award ceremony for Nuffield Science Bursary and CREST students. He spoke for fifteen minutes about his work, awards and the EU Contest and encouraged students to pursue their interests in research further.

February 2007
David judged 3 projects at the BA CREST Science Fair 2007, later moderating a further 5 projects with his judging team consisting of two other people.

March 2007
David was asked to prepare a speech and a video presentation for a session at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, Annual Science Conference in Bristol on the 21st March, where he spoke to a modest audience comprised of Heads of Department, Senior Managers, Head Teachers and Lead Practitioners of various educational establishments.

Wednesday 2 May 2007
David was invited to speak about his bursary placement at a DoH/DfES/SSAT expert working group meeting on Wednesday 2 May 2007 at the SSAT Headquarters, Millbank Tower, London. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the enhancement of school science through the use of "health" applications and contexts. Attendees at the meeting included the Head of NHS Careers and Workforce Supply, NHS Employers, the Chief Scientific Officer, Department of Health and the Extended Schools Team manager from the DfES.

At the meeting David described his hospital placement and the learning outcomes for him.

Tuesday 4 September 2007
David attended the 2007 Bexhill Achievers Awards at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea where he was nominated in the Young Person of the Year Category.

9 -11 October 2007
David received an email from Foluke Ajayi who was at the 2 May meeting asking him to speak at the NHS Employers Annual Conference - Leading Workforce Thinking. He was accompanied by a representative from the Nuffield Foundation plus Ann Alvey, Directorate Nurse Manager, Kent and Sussex Hospital, Tunbridge Wells who was his project supervisor.

November 2007
David appeared in the Autumn edition of the Nuffield Foundation newsletter. To download a copy, click here.

2008 - 2014

Having decided to pursue a career in healthcare, David studied at King's College London where he graduated in 2011 with a first-class degree in adult nursing.  He was able to continue his studies at the University of Pennsylvania as the recipient of the prestigious Thouron Award (a competitive British-American graduate exchange scholarship).  After two years of postgraduate study, David attained a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree in 2013.  Throughout his studies, David has been involved in numerous community and student volunteering projects, alongside extra-curricular project work in the field of healthcare management and research into improvements in patient care.  He now works as a registered nurse at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in the state of Ohio.