Competitors at The Big Bang Competition 2019

Over forty Nuffield students attended the Big Bang Finals in 2019. We reached out to some of these students and asked them about their time on placement and the experiences they had presenting at The Big Bang Fair. These are their stories: 

Kristin Hopley presented her project: Shining a Light on Dark Matter which she completed at the University of Edinburgh. 

Charlie Lamb presented her project: Development of New Ocular Allograft for Transplantation which she completed at the NHS Blood Tissue Bank - Research and Development Department. 

Mahisha Jannat presented on her project: Comparison of crops grown for insect food grown under different LED lights. The project was completed at Rothamsted Research Centre. 


Livia Eichmeyer presented on Structure and Diffusion around Grain Boundaries in Mixed Oxide Fuels which she undertood at the Engineering Department, Lancaster University.