Chris Starkie

"The bursary has provided a truly unique experience" - Chris Starkie

Chris spent his summer working with Dr Jason Camp at the School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham on minimising the costs associated with the synthesis of an important building block in organic synthesis, a heterocyclic compound called a pyrrole. These costs consist not just of money, but also of time, environmental impact and waste. Chris and Jason’s research this summer has resulted in a novel approach to the synthesis of these important compounds that relies on the use of noble metal catalysis. Thus, valuable medicines, agrochemicals, polymers and materials derived from pyrroles can now be synthesised in an environmentally benign, timely and cost effective manner.

Chris StarkieSpeaking about the work Chris carried out, Dr Camp said: “Chris was able to lay the groundwork for future work in this area. Importantly, a proof-of-concept system was established that will allow me to apply for further funding in this area. The outcomes of this summer studentship were therefore extremely important to myself as an early career researcher and to Chris who grew in confidence both in and out of the lab.”

Chris added: “The bursary has provided a truly unique experience, providing an education that cannot be learnt from a textbook, but only taught from personal experience. I am now certain that after graduating I wish to further my studies with a PhD in Chemistry, and look forward to a career within chemical research.”