Children and families

Under the children and families theme, Trustees will consider proposals:

  • relevant to child welfare in a broad institutional context, including parental working patterns, childcare and early years provision;
  • on welfare and child development of children growing up in adverse conditions, and what institutional responses may be appropriate; 
  • on family law, including cohabitation, child contact, child support, divorce and separation and so on;
  • on child protection and placement (adoption and fostering) but not routine descriptive studies of how particular local authorities work;
  • that link education and child development, either in the case of adolescents or of younger children.

Within the areas above, Trustees will consider:

  • proposals involving cross-country comparisons between the UK and Europe, or other appropriate cross-national comparisons are of particular interest;
  • proposals related to objective reviews of government policy or practice are also of interest, as such work properly makes use of the independence of an endowed Foundation.