February 11th

Undergraduates lack the numeracy skills required for their courses and the work place, according to new exploratory study

An exploratory project from National Numeracy, and commissioned by the Nuffield Foundation, has found that many undergraduate students do not have the numeracy skills required to fully understand their course.

February 6th

New research: Government urged to reform overly-complex divorce system

New research published today by the Nuffield Foundation reinforces the case for reform of the overly complex divorce system in England and Wales. Taking Notice finds that the current system can fuel conflict and disadvantages people who represent themselves and those alleging abuse as grounds for divorce.

Better information could encourage disadvantaged students to apply for university

Parents in households where at least one parent has a degree are more likely to expect their children to qualify to go to university, to succeed if they apply and to graduate if they go there.

New research highlights major barriers to healthcare for migrants

A pilot study by the University of Birmingham has identified major barriers to healthcare access for migrants, including denial of entitlements, administrative issues, lack of understanding, language barriers and fears of being arrested.

February 4th

The Deaton Review: Inequalities in the Twenty First Century

The IFS is launching a major new £2.5 million study of inequality in the UK, funded by the Nuffield Foundation and chaired by Nobel Laureate Professor Sir Angus Deaton.

January 30th

Eye tracking technology used to assess the educational disadvantages of babies in low income families

Differences in infants’ processing of visual and auditory information related to socio-economic status are already discernible by 6-7 months of age, according to new Nuffield-funded research from the University of East London (UEL). 

Researchers used state of the art eye-tracking technology to assess attention in babies from low income families.

January 29th

More people receive council tax bill but one quarter of additional tax due is not paid

New Nuffield-funded research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) shows that cuts to support mean 1.3 million more low-income households get a council tax bill, but a quarter of the extra tax due is not paid.

January 28th

Government announces new strategy for teacher recruitment and retention

Today the Department for Education (DfE) has published its Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy, which sets out to address the teacher supply challenges facing the teaching profession.

With rising pupil numbers, shortfalls in the number of trainee teachers and an increasing proportion of teachers leaving the profession, there is an urgent need to ensure there are enough teachers in our schools.

January 24th

New guidance supports the teaching of evolution

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have collaborated with teachers and pupils to develop practical strategies for the teaching and learning of evolution.

January 21st

A new mathematics GCSE curriculum for post-16 resit students

The Nuffield Foundation has awarded funding to Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) to investigate the feasibility of a new mathematics GCSE curriculum for post-16 resit students.