After your project

Celebration Events

Each region has a Nuffield Celebration Event. This is a chance for all the Nuffield students from that region to get together and celebrate their achievements. It's also an opportunity to invite your parents, teachers and supervisors along to show them what you've done. At the Celebration Event, you'll be able to exhibit your poster, and you may be asked to do a short presentation or answer some questions on your work. It's not an exam - it's a chance to show off what you have achieved, so enjoy the event!

How can I take my project further?

Your Nuffield project can be used towards a range of other opportunities.

Lots of students put their projects forward for a CREST Gold Award which is a well respected accreditation scheme that you can include in your university applications.  The CREST Awards are endorsed by UCAS for inclusion in a personal statement.

You can also use your project to enter local and national science fairs. Nuffield students always do well at the National Science + Engineering Competition, and it's free to enter, so why not submit your project for that? Prizes at the competition include trips to international science fairs in the USA and Europe, as well as many others.

Another possibility is to publish your research project as an article in the Young Scientists Journal (YSJ).  The YSJ is a free, online science journal which is written, edited and published by young scientists for young scientists, aged between 12-20.  You can submit a contribution to the journal by uploading it on their website.

Remember, your Nuffield project is great to talk about in your UCAS personal statement. Your Coordinator can give you more guidance on this.

Join our Alumni Network

As a member of the Nuffield Research Placement Alumni Network, you'll get the opportunity to become a Nuffield Ambassador, attend events and encourage future Nuffield students to apply for the scheme. If you have recently finished a placement you can join the Alumni Network by completing the following survey . Please also take a look at our Alumni page to find out more.

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