Advice for interviews

As part of the Nuffield Research Placements application process, you may be asked to go for an interview with a potential supervisor.

The interview is a chance for you to meet your potential supervisor.  They will want to see whether you will be interested and committed to the project they have to offer.  You need to do a bit of thinking in advance to make sure you are well prepared.

  • Your interests.  What do you like about your subject?  Is there a particular topic you really enjoy and want to find out more about?
  • Re-read your online application.  The supervisor may want to ask you about something you’ve written there.  Be prepared to talk in more detail about anything you have written.
  • Why have you applied for a research placement?  Be ready to talk about why you would like to do this placement, and why you applied for the scheme.  For example, you might be interested in doing a degree in this area.
  • Do your research.  Once you have been told where to go for your interview, do some research in advance about the organisation.  Google the supervisor and see what they are working on at the moment.  You will impress them if it’s clear you have prepared in advance. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  These might be about the project or the supervisor’s research.  Asking questions shows that you have really thought about the project.


Hints and tips


  • Arrive on time.  Plan your route to the interview in advance.  Arriving late doesn’t look professional and will give a poor first impression.  Remember, you’re meeting someone who will hopefully offer you a placement for the whole summer, so you need to show you are committed!
  • Think about what to wear.  Although an NRP interview is not as formal as a job interview, you should still treat it as a serious matter.  That means dress smartly or in your school uniform.
  • If you have any worries or questions, remember to contact your Nuffield Coordinator.