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Web accessibility

The Nuffield Foundation would like its website to be as easy to use and understand for as many visitors as possible. We hope that this guide is helpful for new users. It explains how you can:

  • change the text size and colour;
  • access PDF documents;
  • have a document read out loud;
  • get around the site if you don’t have a computer mouse.

Text size and colour
You can change the size and font style of the text, and the colour scheme of the website. This may be useful for you if you have impaired vision and need larger fonts or high contrast colours.

Changing font style and colour scheme

  • Click on ‘Tools’ on the toolbar in your web browser and choose ‘Internet options’.
  • Click the ‘Accessibility’ button and tick the following boxes. Then click ‘OK’:
  • Now you can click on ‘Fonts’ and/or ‘Colors’ and change the font style and color scheme.

Changing text size on a PC

  • To alter the text size, click on ‘View’ on the toolbar of your web browser and choose ‘Text size’. Chose the size you want from options on a scale from ‘Largest’ to ‘Smallest’.

Changing text size on an Apple Mac

  • Select ‘Preferences’ from the Edit menu in your web browser. From there, click on ‘Web content’ and uncheck the ‘Show style sheets’ option.
  • Return to the list of preferences and choose ‘Web browser’. Then click on ‘Language/fonts’ and choose the size you need.