Thinking together SMILE project

Thinking together SMILE This project was a  collaboration between the Educational Dialogue Research Unit at the Open University and SMILE Mathematics, and was funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

The aim of the project was to convert research findings about the importance of talk into changes in classroom practice.

The Project Director was Dr Rupert Wegerif.

Thinking Together SMILE:

  • developed detailed guidelines, lesson plans and a professional development pack for use with SMILE software at KS2
  • evaluated the effectiveness of using the professional development pack in combination with the new guidelines, lesson plans and a new collaborative range of SMILE software (as well as existing activities)
  • disseminated the findings and the products of the project in an attempt to have an impact on the way that ICT is used to help teach mathematics at KS2.  

Final report

>>Download a final report of the Thinking Together project (PDF)

Thinking together around ICT in the Primary Mathematics Curriculum: a Continuing Professional Development pack

The CPD pack gives you everything you need to start using the Thinking Together approach with Mathematics and ICT. The CD-Rom contains powerpoint presentations, printable worksheets and lesson plans, video clips of classroom interaction, and free SMILE software to support demonstrations of the approach.

The book accompanying the CD-Rom is in two parts. The first module outlines the rationale for using a Thinking Together approach to ICT in Maths. The second module shows in detail how this approach can be applied to transform classroom practice with ICT.

Extracts from the CPD pack are available to download free of charge from the SMILE project website