No overall Control?

This project brought together expert opinion and knowledge from parliamentarians, academics, civil servants and media commentators on the subject of a hung parliament. In the event of a hung parliament, what would be the consequences for Parliament, the political parties, individual MPs, and the public? Would a hung parliament strengthen Parliament and better reflect the wishes of the electorate or would it render government indecisive and unstable?

A final volume of essays was published in March 2008 and provides a wide range of views on coalition governments and hung parliaments from individuals with first hand experience of power sharing. It includes examples, both international and from the devolved UK institutions, of what happens when no single party has an overall majority. It includes contributions from distinguished commentators, academics and parliamentarians, including; Simon Jenkins of The Guardian and The Sunday Times, Dr David Butler from the University of Oxford and Simon Hughes MP.

No Overall Control? The impact of a 'hung parliament' on British politics is available to buy from the Hansard Society website

Project details


Grant holder 

Alex Brazier, Hansard Society

Funding Programme

Open Door

Grant amount and duration


June 2007 - March 2008



No Overall Control? The impact of a 'hung parliament' on British politics, Alex Brazier and Susanna Kalitowski (Eds), Hansard Society, March 2008

This publication is available to buy from the Hansard Society website