How to apply

The application process for all research and innovation grants is the same, regardless of whether you are applying for Children and Families, Early Years Education and Childcare, Economic Advantage and Disadvantage, Education, Finances of Ageing, Law in Society, or Open Door.

Before applying please have a look at what we do not fund

Guide for applicants
The first step is to read the Guide for Applicants (PDF) (updated April 2017)

Front page summary
If you are submitting an Outline application or are invited to submit a Full application, you will need to complete a front page summary, available to download as a Word document below:

Front page summary (Word) (updated 19 April 2016)

Children and Families enquiries - contact Alison Rees
Early Years Education and Childcare enquiries - contact Hannah Broad
Economic Advantage and Disadvantage enquiries - contact Alison Rees
Education enquiries - contact Hannah Broad
Finances of Ageing Enquiries - contact Alison Rees
Law in Society enquiries - contact Alison Rees
Open Door enquiries - contact Alison Rees