Child protection and placement

We fund projects that explore issues relating to the child protection system, including adoption, fostering and kinship care.

Details of individual projects relating to child protection, including their outputs where available, can be found by clicking on the links in the Our work in this area section of this page.

Funding priorities
  • Exploration of how well the needs of children growing up in adverse conditions are met by the social services designed to help them, and to identify areas for improvement to protection and placement services for adoption and fostering.
  • Better understanding of the underlying drivers (social, structural and institutional) which affect the numbers of children in, and on the margins, of the looked-after system.
  • The quality and role of scientific evidence in the practice of children’s social work and opportunities for intervention to improve the use of evidence.
  • The operation and design of the wider system, including the configuration of children’s services; the quality and professional development of the children’s services workforce; and how effective interventions can become embedded or scaled up. 
Further information

Full details about the priorities and criteria for our Children and Families funding programme, along with information about the application process is available in the apply for funding section.