Social policy

We want to improve people’s lives, and their ability to participate in society, by understanding the social and economic factors that affect their chances in life. The research we fund aims to improve the design and operation of social policy, particularly in Education, Welfare, and Justice.

Our work in Welfare seeks to improve lifelong economic and social well-being and participation through understanding of the factors affecting adult and later life outcomes and welfare. We want to improve the design of policies that aim to protect against adverse outcomes, to improve living standards, and to increase active participation in society.

Our work in Justice takes as its starting point the rule of law in its broadest sense. We aim to improve outcomes for people who are seeking to resolve legal problems and disputes – including those which concern their rights in relation to the State- by facilitating evidence-based change within the justice system.

See our Education section for details of our work in this area. 

Current and past projects

Links to current and past projects can be found under the Our work in this area section of this page. Many of these are categorised according to previous funding programmes which have been superseded by our funding priorities in Education, Welfare, and Justice. Please see the apply for funding section for full information about our funding criteria and details of how to apply.