Sijia Luo

“I am very excited about the results achieved thus far and this research experience has enhanced my ambition for research.”

Sijia Luo spent summer 2010 working on a project titled ‘Robust methods for inventory decisions with random demand.’ The project aimed to develop a new mathematical framework to support decision-making processes when detailed information about demand is not available, for example when stocking medication for possible epidemics.

Based in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Durham University and working together with Professor Frank Coolen, Sijia formulated and tested problems related to optimal inventory systems, and then solved these using statistical methods. She then went on to investigate a more sophisticated problem, taking all relevant cost factors into account. Sijia’s work has resulted in the production of a paper which will be submitted for a journal publication.

Talking of her time working with Professor Frank Coolen, Sijia said: “This research experience was both rewarding and exciting. Under the guidance of my supervisor, I learnt new methods of statistics and experienced the application area of Operational Research with relevance for health-care decisions. I strongly encourage other students to benefit from this opportunity”.