Trustees' Report and Financial Statements 2014

28 July 2015

We have published the Trustees' Report and Financial Statements for 2014. In addition to presenting our accounts for the year, the report details our main grant-making activities and reflects on the impact of grants made during previous years.

In 2014:

  • We made the first grants under our two new programmes, Economic Advantage and Disadvantage, and Finances of Ageing.
  • We consolidated strands of work from our Children and Families and Education programmes that relate to early years education and childcare (as a result, we have since published a report and launched a new grant-making programme in this area).
  • Quantitative skills have continued to be a focus, particularly through Q-Step, a programme designed to promote a step-change in undergraduate social science training, and through our work in mathematics education. Most of the 15 Q-Step Centres have spent the first year of the programme recruiting new posts, designing and approving curricular changes, and recruiting students for their first intake year.
  • We published a report bringing together a wide range of evidence, from the UK and internationally, on post-16 mathematics education policy and participation, Mathematics after 16: the state of play, challenges and ways ahead. The report highlighted our concern that reforms to GCSEs and A levels risk undermining the government’s goal of universal participation in post-16 mathematics education, particularly if new ‘Core Maths’ qualifications do not receive the necessary backing from government, universities and exam boards.
  • We have made further progress in our plans to widen access to our Nuffield Research Placements by increasing the proportion of students from less well-off backgrounds who participate in summer research placements in science, technology, engineering and maths settings.
  • We awarded a grant of £325,000 to fund the UK’s first dedicated Administrative Justice Institute (UKAJI), a collaborative project designed to kick start the expansion of empirical research in administrative justice issues. The grant was awarded to the University of Essex’s School of Law following a competition.
  • We saw a very healthy return of 13.6% on our endowment. 

Download the Trustees' Report and Financial Statements 2014 (PDF)