Grants for Research, Development and Analysis

The Nuffield Foundation’s research, development and analysis portfolio is central to the delivery of our mission to advance educational opportunity and social well-being across the UK. We expect the work we fund to improve the design and operation of social policy, especially in those domains that we have always identified as underpinning a well-functioning society: Education, Welfare and Justice

This page provides all the information you need to identify whether your project meets our eligibility criteria, and if so, how to apply

Our ethos

We seek to be an open, collaborative and engaged funder that offers more than money. We are not simply an academic funding body, though the research we fund must stand up to rigorous academic scrutiny. We want the policies and institutions that affect people’s well-being to be influenced by robust evidence, and we work with research, policy and practice communities to foster an environment where that is possible.

Guide for applicants

We have two responsive application rounds a year (see our application timetable for all relevant dates). If you are interested in applying for funding, the first thing you should do is read our Guide for applicants, which describes our funding priorities, explains our application process, and sets out our expectations for successful proposals.

Outline applications

If, having read the Guide for applicants, you would like to apply for a grant, the first stage is to submit an Outline application, which enables you to layout your proposal in order to test out your idea with us. We can only accept Outline applications that are submitted using our Outline application form

Please ensure you submit your proposal by the deadlines outlined in our application timetable. Applications received after the deadline will be considered in the next funding round.

Your Outline application will be assessed by our team and successful applicants will be invited to submit a Full application.

Terms and conditions

Before submitting an Outline application, you must check that our Terms and conditions are acceptable, both to you and your host institution.

Full applications

A Full application is a detailed exposition of your project that will be peer-reviewed and assessed by our Trustees. If you are invited to submit a Full application, you will need to use this Full application form.