Free-Standing Mathematics Activities (FSMAs) 2002

Directors: Geoff Wake and June Haighton

FSMAs are mathematics teaching resources for students in secondary and further education at Levels 1, 2 and 3. They support the use of mathematics (including mathematical modelling and problem-solving) with many being situated in practical and authentic contexts.

Many of the activities were developed for Free-Standing Mathematics Qualifications (FSMQs). However the activities are self-contained and can be used in any lessons.

Hampstead Ladies rugby club


For each free-standing maths activity there are slides, student sheets and teacher notes, and spreadsheet where relevant. The teacher notes start with a short overview of the activity, who/what it is designed for, and the available resources. The student sheets include background information, tasks and questions for students, and reflection questions. Answers and extension work are given in the teacher notes.

Additional support

Schemes of work provide a route through the resources for AQA FSMQs and for any short course in topics such as interpreting graphs, mathematical modelling, statistical inference, and using calculus.

The Nuffield Foundation is developing contextual activities which can be used in mathematics lessons and to help students develop their maths in other subjects including sciences, geography and economics.