Andrew King

"The bursary was extremely useful for the student, for myself as supervisor, and for the department as a whole." Dr Mary-Ellen Large

Andrew King worked with Dr Mary-Ellen Large at the University of Hull for 8 weeks during summer 2008 on a project entitled 'An EEG study of rapid visual categorization: Influences of category level and task demands'. The purpose of his research was to measure the activity of the brain while people made judgements about objects, and to find out whether fine grained discriminations affect the earliest response of the brain (for example, when discriminating pictures of greyhounds from other breeds of dog). Using EEG equipment to measure brain activity, Andrew learnt the basics of recording EEG data, setting up electrode caps with EEG electrodes as well as trouble-shooting noise on EEG channels. He successfully collected data from 16 participants. After the bursary ended, Andrew continued to assist Dr Large on EEG experiments throughout term-time.

Andrew is now studying for a Masters at Salford University, working on a research project looking at audibility and ‘annoyance’ low frequency noise pollution from wind turbines and plans to do a PhD in an area of Audiology or Psychoacoustics afterwards.

Speaking of his bursary experience, Andrew said:

"The bursary has shown me how rewarding conducting research can be. I have become keener to pursue a career in academic research, as it has given me experience and confidence in setting up and running experiments."