Social welfare

Our aim is to identify ways to improve the well-being of society though practical changes to the public services that govern our social welfare. One way we do this is to fund projects aimed at improving our system of tax, benefit and employment.

For example, we are a co-funder of The Mirrlees Review, managed by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), which will make recommendations for how the UK tax system can be reformed to better meet the needs of our economy.

We are also concerned with the needs of older people, particularly the economic issues around an ageing society. Work in this area includes supporting the Pensions Policy Institute's work on public sector pensions reform, as well as work on the healthcare implications of ageing, such as dementia and long term care. 

We have funded several projects investigating ways to improve the interaction of young people with the justice system. This includes funding the Commission on Youth Crime and Antisocial Behaviour, and working with the NSPCC to improve the way young people are treated in criminal proceedings.

Our work in social welfare crosses several of our grant programmes, but is predominantly funded by our Open Door Programme