October 10th, 2018

Born into care: Study uncovers scale of newborn babies in care proceedings in England

Between 2007/8 and 2016/17, 16,849 babies under one week old were subjects of local authority care proceedings in England, according to a new study from the Centre for Child and Family Justice Research at Lancaster University and the Nuffield Family Justice Observatory.

October 8th

Pay growth slowed by UK's poor productivity record and high underemployment

If the slow pace of Britain’s post-crisis pay growth were to continue indefinitely it will take until 2099 for real wages today to double in value – compared to the pre-crisis average when wages doubled every 29 years – according to a new Nuffield-funded report published by the Resolution Foundation

Even the cheapest local homes are out of reach for at least 40% of young adults

As long as they had a 10% deposit, in 1996 over 90% of 25- to 34-year-olds would have been able to purchase a house in their area if they borrowed 4½ times their salary (the maximum that most lenders will now allow). By 2016, that proportion had fallen substantially. Even with a 10% deposit, only around 60% of young adults would have been able to borrow enough to buy even one of the cheapest homes in their area.

October 5th

Men with fewer qualifications most at risk from potential new trade barriers with the EU

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has today published a chapter form the IFS Green Budget that investigates the exposure of different workers to potential trade barriers between the UK and the EU. The Green Budget is funded by the Nuffield Foundation and will be published on Tuesday 16 October.

September 26th

Recruitment is open for the Board of the Ada Lovelace Institute

The Nuffield Foundation is looking to appoint a diverse Board of experienced people who can actively contribute at a strategic level to the establishment of the Ada Lovelace Institute. 

September 17th

Severe squeeze on further education and sixth-form funding in England

Funding for 16- to 18-year-olds and for general further education has been cut much more sharply than funding for schools, pre-school or higher education.

September 14th

Right to a fair trial can be in danger if individuals go to court without legal representation

People who go to court without a lawyer face barriers that can impact on their right to a fair trial, according to a new Nuffield-funded study by Ulster University. 

The first study of its kind in Northern Ireland, researchers explored the experience of those who take or defend civil and family law cases without legal representation, to understand the impact of self-litigation on the court system and the impact on an individual’s human rights when litigating without representation by a legal professional.

September 11th

Hidden condition could be the real reason many people struggle with maths

Many children are suffering from an undiagnosed developmental condition which affects their ability to learn maths, according to a new Nuffield-funded study from Queen’s University Belfast.

September 5th

Economy, Society, and Public Policy - final units launched

The CORE project has launched beta versions of the next four units of the Economy, Society and Public Policy (ESPP) e-book, in time for the new academic year.

September 4th

Nuffield Early Language Intervention wins Teach Early Years Award

The Nuffield Early Language Intervention has won 3 stars in the Teach Early Years Awards 2018.