September 30th, 2015

No magic bullet in London schools' success just years of steady improvements in quality

Less than a quarter (22%) of children on free school meals in inner London obtained five or more A*–C grades at GCSE or their equivalent (including English and Maths) in 2002. In 2013, this had risen to almost half (48%). Gains were much smaller among disadvantaged children outside London (17%) to (26%).

September 23rd

Graduate ‘premium’ more significant for women

The significantly higher earnings that graduates in England can expect over those who didn’t study at university, the ‘graduate premium’, has been revealed in detail by a large new study – the first of its kind, funded by the Nuffield Foundation. 

More than nine in 10 individuals pay more in taxes than they receive in social security over their lifetime

In a single year, 64% of individuals in the UK pay more in taxes than they receive in social security. But most individuals experience considerable change over their lifetimes: for example those not in paid work in one year are often in work in another year.

September 16th

High take-up of private tuition by primary school pupils revealed

Nearly half of 11-year-olds among some minority ethnic groups in the UK are receiving private tuition outside of school, research funded by the Nuffield Foundation has revealed.

Children categorised as from Chinese, black or Indian backgrounds are more than twice as likely to be tutored as their white peers. These three minority ethnic groups also seem to be doing more homework, on average, than white children.

September 2nd

Premature babies earn less as adults, possibly due to lower maths ability

People who are born premature tend to accumulate less wealth as adults, and a new study funded by the Nuffield Foundation suggests this may be due to lower mathematics abilities.

August 26th

A summer of inspiration for the STEM researchers of the future

As August draws to a close so does another successful summer of Nuffield Research Placements. Nearly 1,200 sixth formers and college students have undertaken research placements in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) at workplaces across the UK.  

August 20th

Use of Research Evidence in the Family Justice System

Court decision-making within the Family Justice System can have a profound influence on the lives of families and children. However, there is relatively limited research capacity to address the fundamental questions in family justice.

The Family Justice Review in 2011 highlighted a need for:

August 19th

Key professions losing staff due to lack of support for student mothers

Key professions such as nursing, teaching and social work are losing thousands of potential recruits as student mothers drop out of higher education due to a lack of support from universities.

August 14th

Can reading difficulties at primary school be predicted by vocabulary skills in infants?

Vocabulary skills in one- and two-year-olds are related to later achievement in reading and language at primary schools, although the relationship is not strong enough to justify using measurement of infant vocabulary to identify individual children at risk of language or reading difficulties. 

These findings are from a research project led by Professor Kate Nation at the University of Oxford and funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

August 11th

Worried parents are restricting children's freedom

New international research by Policy Studies Institute has revealed that parents in England are more restrictive than those in other European countries, granting their children less freedom to travel and play in their local neighbourhood unaccompanied by adults.