October 25th, 2013

Marital status, child outcomes, and why good evidence is crucial in policymaking

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has published new findings from a project to examine the link between parents’ marital status and relationship stability and child outcomes.

October 22nd

Gang membership increases chances of offending, antisocial behaviour, and drug use

Gang membership increases the chances of offending, antisocial behaviour, and drug use among young people according to research published by the Nuffield Foundation today.

Using data from the Offending, Crime and Justice Survey (OCJS), a team from the University of Manchester and NatCen Social Research explored the circumstances that lead to young people joining, remaining, and leaving gangs in England and Wales.

October 2nd

Universities awarded £19.5 million for overhaul of quantitative social science training

Fifteen universities across the UK will receive £19.5 million to overhaul their social science teaching in an ambitious intervention to address the critical shortage of social scientists with the quantitative skills needed to evaluate evidence and analyse data.

September 25th

Fact-checking BBC Question Time

Full Fact, an independent fact-checking organisation funded by the Nuffield Foundation, will be working in collaboration with the BBC programme Question Time to fact-check the programme’s contents and the guests’ statements, providing source material, research publishing different statistics from those featured on air and wider reading around a topic.

August 21st

Commemorating Lord Nuffield

Thursday 22 August marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Lord Nuffield, who died in 1963 aged 85.

Lord Nuffield was a pioneer in both manufacturing and philanthropy. Born William Morris in 1877, he founded Morris Motors Ltd in 1912, having begun his career repairing bicycles in Oxford at the age of 15. He was one of the first British industrialists to introduce mass production methods, and at one time, his company manufactured more than half the cars sold in the UK.

August 20th

Nuffield Foundation Flowers Fellowship

The Nuffield Foundation and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) have announced a new annual fellowship in memory of the late Lord Flowers of Queen’s Gate to run for a period of five years.

August 9th

Independent Reviewing Officers not yet fully able to reach their potential for children in care

The first part of a comprehensive research study into the functioning and effectiveness of the role of Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs), conducted by leading children’s charity the National Children’s Bureau and funded by the Nuffield Foundation, has found that IROs are not yet fully able to reach the potential for their role envisaged in statutory guidance, and often struggle in the ongoing scrutiny of the implementation of the child’s care plan.

More graduates needed in early years says IPPR

A new report from the IPPR calls for the number of graduates working in early years to be doubled and for better training in early years practice for Ofsted inspectors. 

Twice as many graduates needed

July 22nd

Trustees’ Report and Financial Statements 2012

The Nuffield Foundation has published its

July 16th

More specialist courts to be set up for families facing substance misuse

A pioneering family court service which offers parents a better chance of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is to be extended across the UK.

The Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC), the first of its kind, works with people whose children have been taken into care because of parental substance abuse.