October 6th, 2017

Screen children with reading difficulties more thoroughly for hearing problems, says new report

Children with reading difficulties should be more thoroughly screened for hearing problems, a new report by Coventry University academics has said.

The study, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, found 25 per cent of its young participants who had reading difficulties showed mild or moderate hearing impairment, of which their parents and teachers were unaware.

October 5th

Welfare cases in the Court of Protection

Nuffield-funded researchers at Cardiff University's School of Law and Politics have used ground-breaking empirical research to provide an important overview of the Court of Protection's welfare jurisdiction.

October 3rd

Evidence-based policy and practice in public services

Teresa Williams, Director, Justice and Welfare reflects on the What Works? agenda

Study reveals link between childhood in care and mums who have babies removed by the courts

A Nuffield-funded study has found a high number of women, who repeatedly appear before the family courts and lose many children into public care or adoption because of child protection concerns, have been in care themselves.

40% of the mothers had been in foster care or children’s homes with a further 14% living in private or informal relationships away from their parents.

September 14th

Parents who lack litigation capacity in care proceedings

Nuffield-funded research has identified for the first time the characteristics of parents lacking litigation capacity in care proceedings, as well as key aspects of provision made to give them fair representation in court and to participate in hearings.

September 5th

Pupils missing out on digital innovations in maths education due to lack of support for teachers

New digital technologies could be the key to improving pupils’ maths outcomes provided teachers have access to training and support in their use, according to new research from UCL.

August 22nd

How do the rich respond to higher income tax rates

The 2017 election saw Labour propose a 45% rate of income tax on incomes above £80,000, and a 50% rate on incomes above around £125,000, with the aim of raising around £4.5 billion per year in revenues.

August 21st

Research suggests vocational GCSEs may be holding girls back

Girls who take ‘applied’ subjects, such as health and social care or home economics, at GCSE may be facing educational disadvantage as a result, a new study has found.

August 11th

Nuffield Council on Bioethics publishes a collection of views on legal limit for embryo research, 25 years after UK’s first fertility legislation came into force

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics, an independent body funded by the Nuffield Foundation, Wellcome and the MRC, has published a series of discussions on the statutory time limit for maintaining human embryos in culture.

July 28th

Smith Review of post-16 mathematics: response from the Nuffield Foundation

The Nuffield Foundation welcomes Sir Adrian Smith’s report on his review of 16-18 mathematics education.

Several of his recommendations echo those made by the Foundation in its 2014 report, Mathematics after 16, specifically that: