Application timetable

This timetable is for applications for funding for research, development and analysis projects. We have two responsive application rounds a year. All applications must be received by 5.30pm on the dates below.

Justice outline applications

We are currently recruiting a number of senior posts. We are strengthening our research and policy team by recruiting a new position of Director of Welfare. We are also appointing a Director of Justice, and a Programme Head for Family and Youth Justice, to replace members of the team who are moving on.

Until our new Justice team is in place, we will not accept any outline applications relating to our Justice domain. This means the next deadline for Justice outline applications is 24 September 2018. This does not affect outline applications relating to Education or Welfare, for which the next deadline is 16 March 2018. The full timetable is below.  

November 2018 Trustees' meeting

Outline applications - Education and Welfare (Justice outlines will not be accepted in this round)

16 March 2018

Outline applicants informed of decision

By end of May 2018

Full applications

6 July 2018

May 2019 Trustees' meeting

Outline applications – Education, Welfare, and Justice

24 September 2018

Outline applicants informed of decision

By end of November 2018

Full applications

January 2019