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SNAB sample lesson

How is a SNAB lesson different? See this sample lesson

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'Will my students understand and learn this aspect of biology better through SNAB?' This is what is really important to teachers, no matter how good the resources look and how nice the animations are!

This sample lesson - or lessons - shows how and why SNAB helps students to have a better understanding of a topic, and how the resources can be used to make a biology lesson a better teaching and learning experience for all.

Lesson sample: Restriction enzymes and gel electrophoresis

In this lesson, the teacher introduces the topic. The students simulate the cutting of DNA into fragments first using a paper exercise and then electronically in Word.

Then students work through an interactive tutorial on gel electrophoresis. They can repeat this as often as they want, until the concepts are clear. A worksheet with questions is completed to summarise the processes, and a follow-up practical activity involving real restriction digests and gel electrophoresis may be offered.

At all stages the students are 'learning through doing' and not just listening to teacher exposition.


To use this piece fully you need access to the electronic resources on the Heinemann website SNABonline. If you haven't already got access to this you can sign up for a 30-day free trial - go to SNABonline and follow the instructions.

by Nicola Wilberforce, Esher College