Publications and software – print, on-line, and multi-media resources from OUP.

Useful weblinks / other resources - online resources and downloads to help you teach Twenty First Century Science.

Teaching Ideas about Science – a glossary of terms and some suggeted student activities. (Stepping stones).

Ideas about Science in student-speak – A chart from OCR showing the Ideas about Science in the OCR specification, translated into student-speak.

Asessment for Learning and Ideas about Science – Key Assessed Tasks to help teachers provide guidance to students on their progress in knowledge and understanding of Ideas about Science

Pilot exam questions – Exam questions from the pilot course provided for classroom use by teachers. These questions are not Sample Assessment Materials (SAMs) for the current OCR specification. The style of question is different from that used for the current specifications.

Progression from KS3 to KS4 – Case studies from schools that have developed a new approach to KS3 to improve progression to KS4 Twenty First Century Science. Includes sample teaching resources.

Fun stuff and Ethics poster

For Twenty First Century Science pencils, mugs, or ‘Ethics’ posters download this order form, complete and send to the address shown.
>>Download C21 Fun stuff order form (65 KB)

Useful weblinks and other resources

There are useful links for all Twenty First Century Science modules on the OUP website useful websites.

Mendeleev's dream for module C4 'Chemical patterns'
This film augments Activity AC4.1 'A home for chemical families'. DVD available from ASE Booksales, part of a series entitled 'Big Questions'.

Cool Cosmos: Ask an Astronomer

Four Dimensional Digital Universe Project
For P1 and P7 – visualisations of the scale and structure of the Universe, and formation of the planets.

Applied Science (Commnications)

Digital audio broadcasting from STELAR
Stelar is an educational charity providing education and training about wireless communications to educators. See the downloads Stelar offers on their Resources page.

GCSE Science

For stimulus material or developing skills, one source is the Nuffield Citizenship materials on Animal experiments