Law in society

We are interested in how law functions in society and in law as a social institution. We fund research that is likely to shed light on policy or practice, and practical innovation for evaluation and experiment.

You can see some examples of projects we have funded in the Our work in this area section on this page. Our four main areas of interest are: family justice (previously funded under our children and families programme); administrative justice; mental disability and other vulnerabilities; and wider system design.

Our work in administrative justice aims to improve dispute resolution. For example we are funding a project to determine the use and value of oral hearings in tribunal proceedings.

We are interested in legal policy issues such as co-habitation, divorce and separation and child contact, and the operation of family courts. Recent projects include an analysis of enforcement cases in relation to Contact Orders, and a study of final settlements in financial disputes following divorce

Access to the legal system is more difficult for some groups. We fund projects designed to improve this, such as the impact of special measures, and what it means for adolescents to give informed consent to medical treatment.

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Our work in this area

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Law in society


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