Victoria Kendall's bursary placement

Victoria Kendall from Swanshurst School, Birmingham took a four week bursary placement in the School of Life and Health Sciences at Aston University. Her bursary placement was titled 'Mood in the Psychology of Movement'.

The aims of the project
To find out whether emotional state of a participant would affect their motor skills and whether one source of stimuli works better than another.

How the project was carried out
Participants watched video stimuli and listened to music stimuli whilst standing with reflective infrared markers stuck on gloves with their arms outstretched to record the deviation of movement from the baseline with no emotional charge. I used Qualisys Motion Capture equipment.

What I found out
There was a significant deviation from the baseline reading in comparison to the music and video readings but there were no significant differences about which stimuli worked best.

The most valuable thing about the bursary experience
I realised how much time and effort is put into creating and running an experiment and how many people go into the process. It has made me think about wider career options and how valuable psychology and thinking is in movement.

To view a PowerPoint Victoria has put together about her placement, click here.