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Woodham Community Technology College and tea tree oil

Madeleine Walton reports:
tea tree effect at Woodham
"Students have been looking at the effect of tea tree oil concentration in face washes on bacterial growth, in the Core Science module 'Keeping healthy'.

We used 500 ml of cheap bubble bath with 6/7 drops of 100% pure undiluted aromatherapy tea tree oil added. Here is one of the pupils' photos which shows how well it worked. You can see some zones of inhibition. The bacteria was Micrococcus luteus, a fast-growing reliable bacteria available from Philip Harris and approved for use in schools."


Cheese"Here is the cheese produced by our pupils following the experiment 'Setting milk with rennet'. We combined all of the curds to produce this cheese of which the pupils are very proud."

This is an experiment in the Applied Science module Products from organisms
Woodham Community Technology College
are a pilot centre for the Twenty First Century Science course. See our earlier news story about their new science lab.