A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

Short films about C21 science courses

What Twenty First century Science courses are all about

Hear from the students

What do students and teachers think about the Twenty First Century Science courses?

Voices from the classroom is a short film asking teachers and students at Settle College, St Paul's Girls' School, and Preston Manor High School, what they think.

About the courses

The following short films will help you better understand the purpose and features of Twenty First Century Science (C21) courses and the links between them.

Each film lasts about 5 minutes and consists of interviews with a member of the project team and Twenty First Century Science teachers. The films include example student activities and extracts from the OUP publications.

Video about the C21 model
Video about implementing C21 courses

Video about GCSE Science

Video about GCSE Additional Applied Science

Video about Biology in C21

Video about Chemistry in C21

Video about Physics in C21

Teachers TV

Teachers TV have produced a short video showing the GCSE Science pilot course being taught at Haggerston School, East London.