A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

Science for scientists

GCSE Additional Science, when taken together with the GCSE Science course, prepares students for progression to study AS and A-levels in the sciences. By giving more emphasis and space to more fundamental concepts in the sciences, it provides a better, and more stimulating, bridge to advanced study than the current Double Award.

Additional Science leads to one GCSE grade. Because the courses are separate, this may differ from the Science grade.

We have nine modules in the Additional Science course. Students study all of them.

This is a list of the modules in the 2006 course. The 2011 modules are similar. See the OCR 2011 specification.

  • B4 Homeostasis
  • C4 Chemical patterns
  • P4 Explaining motion
  • B5 Growth and development
  • C5 Chemicals of the natural environment
  • P5 Electric circuits
  • B6 Brain and mind
  • C6 Chemical synthesis
  • P6 The wave model of radiation

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