A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York


Progression from Additional Science

GCSE Science plus GCSE Additional Science provides a basis for progressing to AS- and A-levels in the sciences. Indeed, by giving more emphasis and space to more fundamental ideas in the sciences, these courses provide a better, and more stimulating, bridge to advanced study than the previous Double Award.

Progression from Additional Applied Science

GCSE Science plus GCSE Additional Applied Science provides a good basis for progressing to a range of technical, pre-vocational and vocational courses involving science. Authentic science-based practice can motivate students of all abilities. Students will develop practical skills and knowledge by carrying out standard operating procedures and solving a wide range of problems.

Some students have gone on to study advanced courses such as AS Biology. Generally, teachers see the new AS in Applied Science as a good course to move onto for those who have studied the Twenty First Century Science Additional Applied course.