A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

Planning and organising the courses

Internal science department discussions

These 3 cartoons have been designed to stimulate thinking in department discussions.
>>Download C21 CPD cartoons (1.3 MB)

The specifications and assessment are provided by the Awarding Body OCR. We have produced a Guide to OCR website to help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Module maps
We are grateful to OUP for permission to provide module summaries and maps on this website. Please note that these relate to the 2006 specifications. They can be downloaded from the course pages:

GCSE Science

GCSE Additional Science

GCSE Additional Applied Science

Triple Science

iPacks with Schemes of Work, Activities, Teachers' & Technicians' notes and ICT material on CD-ROMs are also available from OUP.

Teaching the courses in series or in parallel
There are different ways in which you might like to plan and organise the way in which Twenty First Century Science is delivered in your school. See Running the courses for more information about teaching the courses in series or parallel.

Managing the courses
A planning sheet to help you …. We are grateful to D. Corbett of Hertfordshire County Council for this document. >>Download Forward planning (29 KB)

Ideas about science
Appendix B of the OCR 2011 specification for GCSE Science is a short portrait of Ideas about Science, which the course should convey to students. See our guide to OCR website. It is worthwhile discussing this document in a science department meeting, and considering how the portrait develops through each of the 9 modules.

Copntrolled assessment
A PowerPoint presentation providing Support for Case Study Teaching produced by Blackpool Local Authority. It includes helpful advice on running the GCSE Science Case Study and Data Analysis.

Departmental progress checks
Many departments are reviewing how things have gone over the last year so that they can make improvements next time round. This department progress review can be adapted to suit your needs and may help with a review of your school's implementation of Twenty First Century Science.

>>Download progress review form (174 KB)

Tracking student attainment
These spreadsheets from Blackpool Local Authority and Mark Carter, Greendown Community School, Swindon, will help with Tracking student attainment.