A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

Pilot exam questions for Science

We are grateful to OCR for allowing us to publish these pilot questions on this website. For more information about the current OCR specifications and exams see the OCR website

OCR pilot exam questions for Science

These questions are provided for classroom use by teachers, to help develop students’ understanding of Ideas about Science.

These questions are not Sample Assessment Materials (SAMs) for the OCR 2006 or 2011 specifications The style of question is different from that used for these specifications.

Some of the material covered in these questions is no longer part of the GCSE Science specification. Please check the OCR specification documents before using these questions.

SAMS and past papers from OCR
Publishing these pilot papers on this website was a one-off. All such material for the courses from September 2006 onwards is supplied by OCR. For past papers from the current courses see our guide to the OCR website.

OCR pilot exam papers

>>Download the questions and mark schemes here

Paper 1 June 04
Science June04 Paper1 F (397 KB)
Science June04 Paper1 H (1.1 MB)
Science June04 Paper1 Mark (53 KB)

Paper 2 June 04
Science June04 Paper2 F (459 KB)
Science June04 Paper2 H (442 KB)
Science June04 Paper2 Mark (65 KB)

Paper 1 Jan 05
Science Jan05 Paper1 F (189 KB)
Science Jan05 Paper1 H (162 KB)
Science Jan05 Paper1 Mark (52 KB)

Paper 2 Jan 05
Science Jan05 Paper2 F (91 KB)
Science Jan05 Paper2 H (90 KB)
Science Jan05 Paper2 Mark (52 KB)

Paper 3 Jan 05
Science Jan05 Paper3 F (168 KB)
Science Jan05 Paper3 H (253 KB)
Science Jan05 Paper3 Mark (44 KB)

These questions are OCR publications and OCR copyright. UYSEG and the Nuffield Foundation are grateful to OCR for allowing these papers to be distributed electronically via this website in order to support teachers and students following Twenty First Century Science.

We apologise for any copyright oversight for illustrations and photographs reproduced in the questions, and would request any such copyright holders to contact us in order that necessary arrangements can be made.