A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

New Twenty First Century Science lab

In April Woodham Community Technology College celebrated the opening of their new state of the art laboratory, officially known as the Twenty First Century Science lab. KS4 Science Coordinator Mrs Madeleine Walton and her students welcomed 21st Century Science director Professor John Holman to open the lab, with the cutting of a 'DNA ribbon'. Professor Holman entertained staff and students with some explosive demonstrations, including his infamous screaming jelly babies (reaction with potassium chlorate) - the noise they emit as they react is very eerie! Madeleine reported that, "The students really enjoyed the visit, but were surprised that John didn't have a long beard - so much for media stereotyping!"

Stimulated by the start of Twenty First Century Science, the lab demonstrates Woodham's commitment to providing excellent facilities for learning, and enables students to easily engage in a variety of activities. The fitting incorporates data projector, interactive white board, wireless technology and mobile fume cupboard, with octopod seating for students. Madeleine says:

The students love the space to move around for practical and interactive work. This space is everything I've wanted to have in a lab since I started teaching - all embodied in one room. I've tried to put right all the things that I've found wrong in other labs.

Mrs Madaleine Walton and students in the new lab
Mrs Madeleine Walton and students in the new Twenty First Century Science lab

Students said about Twenty First Century Science

Jason Johangiry It's very good. We learn to discuss things that we do in our everyday lives.

Robert Begg I like Twenty First Century Science because it's different from all the other science we did in other years at school.

Rebecca More interesting

Roxanne It's really good because you get two choices, Applied or General.

Charlotte Styles I'm really enjoying it. It's really interactive and making science more fun.

Craig Shaw We are able to talk about things that are in the news and relevant to us.

Woodham CTC is in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham. From September 2004 the full Year 10 cohort are doing the course, approximately 250 students.

John Holman opens Woodham lab

Professor John Holman cuts the DNA ribbon