A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

Learning Skills for Science for C21

The Twenty First Century Science GCSE Science course emphasises scientific literacy. To develop scientific literacy, students need to become independent learners with high-order skills such as enquiry skills, problem-solving skills, thinking skills and learning skills.

A series of lessons which include skills-based learning outcomes have been developed for the GCSE Science course and are included in the OUP GCSE Science resources (Resources and Planning Packand iPack OxBox CD-ROM).

Following this pathway will equip students with the skills needed to access ideas about science and support work towards the controlled assessment in GCSE Science. The skills which they develop will also help to prepare them for further education and future employment.

More information and sample materials are available on the OUP website.

Background information about LSS

The Learning Skills for Science programme was first produced at the Weizmann Institute of Science for use in schools in Israel. In 2004, the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme (SEP) commissioned further work to enable the materials and training programme to be used in the UK. The project has achieved widespread recognition both in the UK and abroad. More information and training courses can be found on the Gatsby SEP website.

The materials were further developed with the Nuffield Foundation, resulting in a series of lessons based around subject-specific LSS activities to support the new Twenty First Century Science specifications.