A suite of GCSE science courses developed in partnership with the University of York

Isle of Man & Wales reports

Queen Elizabeth II High School, Isle of Man
Ysgol Y Preseli, Pembokeshire

Report from Queen Elizabeth II High School, Isle of Man

John Barker writes ...

This year we've been running GCSE Science, and GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Next year we'll also run Additional Science and Additional Applied Science.

Students are enjoying and appreciating the relevance of the content, though we have found the lack of enough practical work in the GCSE Science course a challenge. Next year we'll move to teaching on the alternating model.

At least some of the students will move to A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

We appreciate the support and training we've received - very open and approachable. We have found OUP the publishers very supportive too.

Report from Ysgol Y Preseli, Pembrokeshire

David Grace writes

It's early days here, but after one year our uptake for double award science has risen from 50% to about 68% with the majority of students choosing Additional Science.

Pupils at Ysgol Y Preseli have had a choice of double or single for four years now. Under the 'old' AQA modular scheme only about half chose to do double, so after three years this is quite a promising sign.