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Ideas about Science in student-speak

OCR 2006 GCSE Science A: Appendix F Ideas about Science

This chart, produced by OCR shows the Ideas about Science in the OCR specification, translated into student-speak.

>>Download Ideas about Science in student-speak (83 KB)


The Ideas about Science 'student speak' statements here have been rigorously checked, yet they still cannot replace the OCR statements when preparing students for OCR assessment units.

Writing student-speak versions of the Ideas about Science statements is perilous.

There are several difficulties to overcome, particularly:

  • Over-simplification of a statement may result in its meaning being lost or distorted.
  • Providing too much detail in the student-speak version, and to begin teaching the meaning rather than simply restating it in a way you hope students will find more accessible.
  • Technical language, which students need in order to correctly express ideas about science, may be inadvertently removed from the statements.

Ranking in order of difficulty

The Ideas about Science statements are shown in a rank order, indicating those which students might find straightforward, and those which might be more challenging. Higher Tier statements are shown in bold.

The difficulty of Ideas about Science outcomes may vary, however, depending on the context in which they are being applied, as well as between students themselves. The ranking is therefore only intended as a starting-point for science departments, to assist with the development of success ladders for students.